50+ Film Interview

I interviewed my Dad, Lynn Scism. He is a 57 year old white man from Kings Mountain, North Carolina. I interviewed him Tuesday, February 19th

Q: What is the first movie you remember watching either at home or in theaters?

A: “The sound of music we went to go see it in Charlotte.”

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Q:What is something you remember about this experience?

A: “The car broke down and me and grandmother rode up front in the wrecker and everyone else rode in the car behind the wrecker.”

Q: Did you ever go to the drive in movie theater?

A: “Very few times, you (me) have probably been more times than I have.”

Q: Did you ever watch movies at home when you were growing up? If so name a few.

A: “Yeah, a lot more movies used to come on TV than they do now. The Sound of Music, Brian’s Song, The Ten Commandments.”

Q: What were some of the biggest blockbuster movies you remember watching in theaters?

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A: “Jaws, Rocky, I had never seen Jurassic Park until it came on TV and I was surprised at how graphic it was.”

Q: Did VCRs and DVDs change how you saw movies?

A: “Not really we didn’t usually go see a lot of movies.”

Q: Did you ever rent movies from the video store? What movies do you remember renting and why did you choose those movies.

A:”Yeah, I remember renting Deliverance one time cause I heard it was good and there was a banjo part in it. There was a good movie called adventures in babysitting. I usually rented what I heard was good.”

Q: How do you usually watch movies now?

A: “Some I watch with my eyes closed. I reckon DVDs cause I don’t watch Netflix and we don’t really go to the movies. Sometimes I’ll watch Shawshank or Secretariat on DVD.”

Q: What kind of movies do you watch now compared to movies you watched 20 years ago?

A: “The same pretty much it hasn’t really changed, I just want a movie that has a story/plot to it.”

Q: How have movie theaters changed from how you first remember them?

A: “The biggest thing is the screens are smaller because theres a lot more movies in the theater. And also there’s surround sound which I don’t like. When your’e seeing a movie and see something happen you expect the sound to come from the screen, instead it sounds like it’s around you.”

Q: What’s the last movie you saw in theaters?

A: “You’ll have to go ask your mom about that one. It may have been The Incredibles 2.”

Q: What are some of your all time favorite movies?

A: “National Treasure is good, Brians Song, Secretariat, The Ten Commandments, Shawshank, oh and another great movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

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Q: What’s your favorite style or genre of movie?

A: “I want a movie that tells a story. A crime drama or action movie as long as it has a good plot.”

Q: Any other comments about some of the memories you have of seeing movies or anything else you think is important or would like to say?

A: “Nah I don’t reckon”

Josh Scism 2/19/19


What film baggage means to me and why

Film baggage to me is viewing things with an unfair bias. If you are reviewing a movie but have film baggage you won’t be able to give the movie a fair review. Film baggage is not always negative however, it can be a positive bias as easy as it can be negative. I have always known I personally carried bias when watching in a movie but I never knew how prevalent it was in the film industry.


I feel like most people view baggage as a negative bias ninety percent of the time but that’s not always true. Speaking from personal experience I have almost as much positive baggage as I do negative. For example if it is a film starring Kevin Hart or Will Ferrell I would automatically give that film a higher rating than if those actors weren’t in the film. It’s not only actors either, I have biases toward studios and companies as well. I would much rather watch a marvel film over any other type of superhero movie any day of the week.


I also have negative baggage towards films. Most of this baggage is more centered around the genres and the film all around than any specific part of a film. I do not like romantic movies or horror movies, I think they are all goofy and cliché. I will watch a romantic comedy or horror movie on occasion with my friends if thats what they decide to watch but I refuse to watch a sappy love story. Any time I watch a movie like this I go in with very low expectations and don’t give the film a chance before writing it off as “just another movie in the genre”.


I know I need to change this about myself if I want to be able to give an honest and fair review that can be taken seriously. I feel even the best critics carry around at least a little baggage even if it is a very small amount, because at the end of the day we’re all humans and none of us are perfect. I would really like to cut down on the baggage I carry. I feel like one way to do this would to just be more open to different types of film genres. I usually stay within the same two to three genres I enjoy, sports, action, and comedies. I feel like if I open myself up to more film genres I can get a better perspective and view films in a more objective way.

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-Josh Scism 2/10/2019

What film means to me

My name is Josh Scism, I attended Kings Mountain High School and played soccer for four years there. I graduated in 2017 and attended UNC Charlotte that fall. I was originally an engineering major but plan to major in sports broadcasting at a four year university after starting my degree here at Cleveland.

I enjoy watching comedies and sports movies mostly. Some of my favorite movies are The Sandlot, The Other Guys, The Hangover, Talladega Nights, Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight, and Miracle. I do not like horror movies and romantic movies. Christopher Nolan and the Russo brothers are my favorite film makers. I really enjoy watching films with Will Ferrel, Kevin Hart, Jim Carrey, and Zach Galifianakis.

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The first movie I remember watching in theaters was The Incredibles. I was five years old and went with my dad to watch it. I loved that movie and wanted to go back and see it the next day.

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I have always enjoyed watching movies but I prefer watching them at home rather than at the movie theater. However there are exceptions to this with movies that are very cinematic and are intended to be viewed in that environment. My friends and I usually go see every marvel movie in theaters before it releases on DVD because of the cinematic experience that go along with those films. It’s always a fun experience seeing movies with your friends and being able to take about them as a group after the movie is over. I enjoy having conversations about my likes and dislikes in a movie. We talk about the story line, plot holes we found in the movie, our favorite cinematic moments, and many other things.

My friends and I used to also make home movies for fun when we were younger. We would write our own stories and film them on an old FLIP camera and show them to our families. As we got older the movies got better but we weren’t able to do them as often because we all had things going on with school and sports and things of that nature. But every year on the day before thanksgiving we would all get together and make a movie. We called them crime comedies. It was always a really fun experience seeing how much better we had all gotten at making them. It was also nostalgic to go back and watch the movies we had made together when we were only seven and eight years old.

“Flip UltraHD Video Camera – Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours (3rd Generation).” Amazon, Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Flip-UltraHD-Video-Camera-Generation/dp/B0040702HA. https://www.amazon.com/Flip-UltraHD-Video-Camera-Generation/dp/B0040702HA

I have always enjoyed film and film-making and found it very interesting. I feel this class will intrigue me and teach me things I didn’t know about the film industry. I am very eager to start this class.

Josh Scism 2/2/2019