How Christopher Nolan Got His Start

We all know Christopher Nolan as the genius that brought us films like The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception, massive blockbuster films that took millions of dollars to produce. But you might not have known that Christopher Nolan got his start as an indie film producer.

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Christopher Nolan is a film producer and screenwriter who grew up moving back and forth from Chicago to the United Kingdom. He created his first short film at the age of seven and always had a love for film making. He was a member of the film society at University College London where he attended school.

Nolan first came onto the scene as an indie producer with his film Following, he followed that with Genghis Blues and Memento. He then got his first taste of Hollywood when he took part in the making of the film Insomnia which starred Robert Dinero. After these films Nolan got his big break as a Hollywood producer and directed the film Batman Begins.

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Nolans first film as an indie producer was Following, a black and white film about a writer who becomes partners with a thief. This film had a budget of only six thousand dollars. Due to this low budget Nolan filmed in the homes of his friends and family. He also chose to use natural lighting instead of spending money on scene lighting. Following is now considered one of the most successful “no-budget” films of all time.

Nolans next indie film was Memento, another noir style film about a man with amnesia looking for the people who killed his wife. The original idea of the film came from his brother but Nolan decided to tell the story backwards. Nolan had a much larger budget for this film after his success from his first film, almost 4.5 million dollars. Nolan had gained some recognition in Hollywood and had originally planned for Brad Pitt to star in the film but Pitt was unable to. This film did very well at the box office grossing 40 million dollars.

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Nolans first Hollywood film was Batman Begins where he found massive success. The combination of red carpet stars and a budget of 150 million dollars, Nolan was able to produce an amazing film.

Although Nolan is no longer a little known indie film maker his films still have similarities. Many of his films are still very psychological based and makes the audience think during the film. Nolan also uses similar camerawork as he did in his indie films. using large scale scenic shots as well as focusing on specific shots to show importance.

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