The Dark Knight: The Greatest Superhero Movie Ever????

“I believe what doesn’t kill you, simply makes you… Stranger.” -The Joker

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The city of Gotham is at war with the crime families, led by the hot-shot district attorney Harvey Dent. But when the crime families turn to a new ally in The Joker only one man can save the city. Batman.

This film takes place in the fictional city of Gotham. A city plagued by organized crime and crooked politicians. However the city is on the rise, cutting down on organized crime and exposing crooked politicians. Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent lead the police force with occasional help from Batman. The city comes to it’s knees however when the crime families turn to The Joker who’s only goal is to cause chaos. Batman is left confused by The Joker’s motives, only knowing one thing. He must stop The Joker by whatever means necessary. This film is a very realistic take on superhero movies and makes it seem like things like this could happen in real life.

In my opinion this film is an A+. Everything about it is an absolute masterpiece, from the acting, to the camera shots, to the directing, everything in this film comes together perfectly.

Personally I think the acting is the biggest part of this movie being as great as it is. Particularly Heath Ledgers role as The Joker. He truly became The Joker for this film and played the role to perfection. His crazy laugh to seeming lack of care about anything at all was astounding. Aaron Eckharts performance as Harvey Dent/ Two-Face in this film was exceptional as well. From the stand up, “white knight” of Gotham city to his decent into madness. Christian Bale and Michael Cain were also very good in this film with their roles as Batman and Alfred.

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Christopher Nolan was the director of this film and successfully created one of, if not the greatest superhero film of all time. The shots and score in this film tied together seamlessly. One of the best shots in this film is batman flying across the night sky and all you can hear is the flap of his cap with Hans Zimmer’s score in the background. The action shots in this film were amazing as well. One of the best action sequences in this film was when The Joker attacked a police motorcade. You’re on the edge of your seat the entire scene but nothing seems overdone.

The writing in this film was also amazing. The way the characters were set up and played together was pure genius. All the characters developed in their own way but it was because of other characters that caused them to develop in this way. For example The Joker caused Harvey Dent to fall into madness. He also forced Batman to do things that in his eyes were wrong but necessary just to stop the Joker. The only character that didn’t seem to develop in the film was The Joker himself, but this fit the role perfectly because the only thing you know or even understand about him is his commitment to causing madness.

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This film is an artistic masterpiece and should be viewed in theaters if at all possible. However it is still a good movie to watch at home and shouldn’t fall into the category of a pure cinematic film. Overall this is one of the best movies I have ever seen no matter the genre. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and engrossed the entire time.

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