Chapter 4 Sights and Sounds Evaluation

Josh Scism

Baby Driver– Writer/Director- Edgar Wright

This film is about a young getaway driver who is trying to escape his life of crime. He also falls in love. His two lives eventually meet causing some serious trouble.

Baby- Main character in the film. Young male late teens early twenties who is an expert getaway driver.

Doc- Heist planner who Baby is in debt to and pays him back by doing “jobs” for him.

Debora- Baby’s girlfriend

Buddy, Darling, Bats- Heist crew

This film is an action drama which would appeal mostly to young adults in my opinion.

Baby Driver | Sony Pictures,

The main character conflict in this film is Character vs. Character. Baby has conflict with everyone in the heist crew including Doc. Baby wants to leave the life of crime behind him but Doc threatens Baby’s girlfriend and foster dad. He then has conflict with Bats because Bats’ erratic behavior. Finally he has conflict with Darling and Buddy because he blows the heist and they’re all on the run from the police.

One thing I learned from this movie is that sometimes you need to stop running, take your blows, and move on. At the end of the film Baby and Debora are on the run from the police and they come across a road block, Debora is driving and she wants to try and escape but Baby turns himself in.

This is one of the best cinematic movies I have ever seen. They did amazing with the chase scenes especially. They had long cuts and quick cuts of the car chase and it was extremely fun to watch. They had a comfortable amount of both and put them together nicely, I never felt like I was jumping around too much but it was entertaining at the same time. They also used shots that were just fun little teasers that I didn’t notice my first time watching the film, for example near the beginning of the movie Baby is making a coffee run and theres music playing in the background and all along the city behind him the lyrics are on the walls, sometimes it’s graffiti, other times it’s store signs or posters. They used a lot of medium shots in the car to show emotion on the actors face but didn’t go too close which gave you a good shot of the other actors a lot of the time also. The camera movement was also done very well, in the shot I mentioned earlier when Baby went to get coffee it was one long shot as he turned multiple times, crossed the street, and ducked under some workers. The whole time the camera stayed with him and made if feel you were walking on the same street he was.

“Edgar Wright.” Memory Alpha,

This film is one of the only films I have ever seen where I could easily see how much of a role the music and sounds played in the film. Music was very key in this movie because it was important to Baby but it was more than that in this film. When it was a shot focused on Baby and he didn’t have some form of music there was a buzzing noise that you could hear which really put you in his shoes. In the film it explains that he has a medical condition where he has a constant ringing in his ears and he uses music to kind of drown it out. But sounds play other roles in this movie as well. Throughout the movie sounds that are happening in the world go along with the music that is being played. For example there is a scene where they have a shootout and the gunfire goes along to the tune of “Tequila”.

This film was nominated for 61 awards and took home 41. Some of which include;

Best Achievement in Film Editing, Best Achievement in Sound Mixing, and Best Achievement in Sound Editing

I think they deserved all these awards, the editing in this film was astounding and the combination of the sound and the camera, the way everything tied together made it almost impossible not to give them one of these awards without the others.

“For Your Consideration Baby Driver.” Awards Daily,

In my opinion this movie was a huge success. It did well at the box office, won awards, and was overall a really fun movie to watch. One of my favorite parts of the film was how the sounds and the shots tied together, it’s something I’ve never really seen before and I thought it was genius. It kept me entertained the whole time. If I had to give this film a final grade I would give it an A+, it is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Josh Scism 3/11/19

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