Ch. 2 Film Evaluation

I watched A Quiet Place for my film evaluation. It’s a thriller drama written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, directed by John Krasinski.

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This movie is about a family who are some of the few survivors in a world that has been taken over by aliens who rely on their ability to hear. The mother is pregnant and the family is preparing for the day the baby will be born. The inciting incident happens when the mother goes into labor when she is home by herself. The family gets separated and the father goes to help the kids who have been found by the aliens. He sacrifices himself to save them. The kids escape back to the house where the daughter finds out her hearing aids are the aliens weakness. They kill one of the aliens and the film ends with the last shot being the mother cocking a shotgun.

I think the story question is what lengths is Lee (the father) willing to go to, to protect his family. He near the end of the film he is willing to go to whatever lengths necessary by sacrificing himself to save his kids.

This film is part thriller part family drama. Throughout the story the family is going through turmoil because they lost their youngest child when it was killed by one of the aliens. The oldest child (Regan) blames this on herself and thinks Lee blames it on her as well. As the story progresses Lee and the rest of the family are trying to prove to her how much he loves her. She doesn’t fully understand until he sacrifices himself to save her and her brother (Marcus).

Burwick, Kevin. “A Quiet Place 2 Won’t Be Rushed, John Krasinski Will Return.” MovieWeb, MovieWeb, 8 Jan. 2019,

I think the story was meant to entertain and keep you on the edge of your seat, but there was a deeper message behind it as well. It was about family and the love families share for one another. The story felt complete but left it on somewhat of a cliffhanger as well. There is a second movie coming out so they had to leave something for that movie and I felt they did a good job of providing closure but not so much that they didn’t have somewhere to start the second film.

This film was nominated for 83 awards and won 23. It was a great movie and did a wonderful job telling a story while the cast very rarely spoke. It focused on the art and telling a story without requiring the cast to tell it to you.

This film did follow the Freytag Pyramid Story Structure.

I think this film most closely identifies with the “Monster in the House” genre. More specifically “The Monster”.

The characters in this film are constantly growing, both together as a family and as individuals. Lee grows as a father and finally finds a way to show his children he loves them more than anything. Evelyn (the mother) goes from being the loving sweet mother to the woman carrying around a shotgun killing aliens. Regan finally comes to understand how much her dad loves her and realizes that she is the answer to killing the aliens. Marcus goes from being a scared little boy to the one that goes to cause a distraction to ensure his mother is safe.

I would say the protagonists in this story most closely align with the “modern hero” they are just a normal family who are thrown into this situation and are doing anything they can to survive.

All the characters in this film were dynamic. From the start of the film to the end they were constantly growing and coming into their own. By the end they all realized what they meant to each other and did what was necessary to save their family.

I think the most important part of the film was the characters. The entire film revolved around them and showed almost no one else in the film except for the main four characters. The plot was about their growth and how they supported each other, even if it didn’t seem like this all the time. There were parts of the movie where it seemed like it was going to pull away from the family and focus on one character but it always revolved back around to them helping each other and lifting one another up.

This film is “Character vs The Unknown or Supernatural”.

TheWolfman. “’A Quiet Place’ Monster Was Played by John Krasinski.” WWG,, 17 Oct. 2018,

This film did a very good job of covering plot holes and making everything in the film make sense and tie together. After the film I only had one or two question and if you haven’t seen the film you wouldn’t understand them. My first question was why didn’t the family move closer to the waterfall if that was a sort of safe haven for them because it was a constant noise that masked the noises they made. My second question was about when the alien killed Lee, as far as I could tell he didn’t make any noise when the alien first attacked him. As far as strong points it went above and beyond to make sure everything made sense. I can’t pick out one specific strong point because I feel like it was the entire film except for those two small parts I mentioned before.

I feel this story was a success and achieved exactly what it was meant to. It kept me on the edge of my seat while also telling the story about the family and showing their growth the whole time.

I feel this film is intended for teenagers and young adults. It is too dark for kids but it isn’t something I see older people watching and enjoying.

I would give this movie an A or A-. It kept me intrigued the whole time while telling a very good story. I found almost no plot holes and thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie. Not my favorite movie of all time but definitely deserving of a high score.

Josh Scism 2/24/19

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