What film baggage means to me and why

Film baggage to me is viewing things with an unfair bias. If you are reviewing a movie but have film baggage you won’t be able to give the movie a fair review. Film baggage is not always negative however, it can be a positive bias as easy as it can be negative. I have always known I personally carried bias when watching in a movie but I never knew how prevalent it was in the film industry.


I feel like most people view baggage as a negative bias ninety percent of the time but that’s not always true. Speaking from personal experience I have almost as much positive baggage as I do negative. For example if it is a film starring Kevin Hart or Will Ferrell I would automatically give that film a higher rating than if those actors weren’t in the film. It’s not only actors either, I have biases toward studios and companies as well. I would much rather watch a marvel film over any other type of superhero movie any day of the week.


I also have negative baggage towards films. Most of this baggage is more centered around the genres and the film all around than any specific part of a film. I do not like romantic movies or horror movies, I think they are all goofy and cliché. I will watch a romantic comedy or horror movie on occasion with my friends if thats what they decide to watch but I refuse to watch a sappy love story. Any time I watch a movie like this I go in with very low expectations and don’t give the film a chance before writing it off as “just another movie in the genre”.


I know I need to change this about myself if I want to be able to give an honest and fair review that can be taken seriously. I feel even the best critics carry around at least a little baggage even if it is a very small amount, because at the end of the day we’re all humans and none of us are perfect. I would really like to cut down on the baggage I carry. I feel like one way to do this would to just be more open to different types of film genres. I usually stay within the same two to three genres I enjoy, sports, action, and comedies. I feel like if I open myself up to more film genres I can get a better perspective and view films in a more objective way.

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-Josh Scism 2/10/2019

One thought on “What film baggage means to me and why

  1. Josh -The key is learning how to be open to new things, and to listen to others’ critical thoughts, feedback, and reasons for liking something you hate (or hating something you love). Active listening (and viewing) is important as we engage with others and film viewing in not allowing the film baggage (positive or negative) to weigh down or over inflate our reviewing process. Noel Manning


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